Health care industry plays an important part in the economy of a country. The health care industry determines the GDP or the gross domestic product of any country. It also determines exports status, employment, capital investment etc. Health care segment provides employment openings to many individuals directly associated with the health care sector. The present era (post-covid) is likely to be dominated by expansion of demands in the market, such as e-Health.


Transforming healthcare systems such as:

  • Hospitals/clinics
  • Integrating IT with operations
  • In-country manufacturing
  • Increasing options for micro-insurance

Sustainable solutions for providing:

  • POC healthcare
  • Digitization of systems
  • Advanced medical equipment
  • Focus on home diagnostics
  • Logistics (Cold chain supplies)
  • Drone delivery and last mile collaborations

Wellness health activation where in the following would be positive and profitable opportunities:

  • Create health activation campaigns
  • Promoting healthy eating campaigns
  • Build a positive in-hospital experience
  • Music therapy and advanced physio treatment ie. Aqua physio